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1st December 2017 19.00pm to 01.00am 

TTE Christmas Party

Friday 1st December, save the date as it's the TTE Christmas party. We have booked 60 places at the Blue Check restaurant in Bushey. Cost is £33/person which is for a 3 course meal (veggie option available),drinks are not included. The evening starts at 7.30 with a disco till 1am. Dig something glamorous out of your wardrobe as smart dress required, no jeans or trainers. Full payment is due by 28th September, at the end of August an email will be sent out to members giving you details of where to send your payment. Any questions, leave a comment.
23rd – 25th February 2018 4.00pm to 12.00pm 

Survival On The Run(SOTR2018)

Survival On The Run! (SOTR 2018) Those of you that completed our basics survival course last year this is 100% for you! Don't worry if you didn't, if you're up for a challenge, we will teach you all you need to know. SOTR 2018 will be an extreme test of your mental, emotional and physical robustness over 3 days. The first 24hrs will be spent getting you in the 'survival mindset', working as a team to get the basics done. From the moment you arrive and kit is issued TTE instructors will be working on your mental strength and testing your physical ability to get tasks done. With those 24 hours you've had to find your feet in the survival environment you will soon be on the run! Making your way through escape lanes and getting to check points for food and water to help aid you in your escape and evasion from the Hunter Force. You do not want them to get hold of you! Make sure you're switched on as they have assets on their side to help track you down! After surviving 48 hours let's hope you can cope with the last stretch on the run because if you're caught after midnight Saturday there will be no let up! You will be taken to a holding pen, our special agents will extract as much information out of you about yourself and your team as possible! These specialist will always get the information they need, no matter how tough you think you are. Let's hope that emotion stays at home this weekend and all you bring is mental and physical strength! Those that are already doubting themselves there is nothing wrong with coming and giving it a try! This is a once in a lifetime experience you'll never forget. If you decide halfway through that it isn't for you, don't worry! There will be a lovely warm tent with a fire going at all times slap bang in the middle of the field where you can enjoy the Welsh scenery and cook yourself (and us) bacon in the morning once you're out of your sleeping bag 😬 As some of you have seen from our last survival courses we really do give you one of the closest experiences to survival. We have a very remote location in Wales that offers everything you need apart from the desert! We will be leaving by minibus on the night of the 22nd February. Returning home on Sunday 25th mid afternoon. If this sounds like you or a friend then email your interest to info@tacticaltrainingevents.com and further information will be sent. Look forward to seeing you there! Team TTE