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27th August 2016 16.00pm to 22.00pm 

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16th – 18th September 2016 12.00pm 

Survival Weekend

The TTE Survival Weekend will be taking place on Friday 16th September - Sunday 18th September 2016 at a location in Wales which you will need to find your own way to.The four main aspects of this survival weekend will be: 1. Basic survival lecture on different types of shelter and how to construct them and tying basic knots. 2. Survival food and water lecture on how to forage for food and how to prepare game caught in traps. 3. Tracking and trapping, learning to understand how to track for food, water and rescue and how to make a simple trap. 4. The psychology of survival, how to develop a survival mindset to help you deal with emergency situations. Certain elements of this weekend will only be disclosed upon arrival. The weekend will be limited to 12 places at a cost of £200 per person. If you would like to attend this weekend a non refundable deposit of £100 is to be paid by Friday 29th July, with the remainder due on or before Thursday 25th August. Should you have any questions regarding this weekend please email info@tacticaltrainingevents.com.
9th October 2016 12.00pm 

Exercise Rolling Deep

A mixture of mental and physical tasks. Running and circuits will be involved. If you want to push yourself that little bit further then this is for you. The three hours will be split into various disciplines, each one working you in a variety of ways. Cost is £20/person.