Sports Performance Coaching

Sports Performance Coaching – Success is a state of mind??

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Physical strength will get you to the start line, mental strength will get you across the finish line. They say that a six pack is made in the kitchen. Well a winning performance is made in the mind. At TTE, we believe as well as training the body we need to train the mind. The key to consistent results whatever they may be is the ability for us to have psychological flexibility. To be able to continue and push on beyond our own conceived limits and find that magical place of change that exists outside our comfort zone. Our instructors will bring a military mind-set to your training they will help you set and achieve your goals, build resilience and robustness into your training. Teach how to push through the wall and keep going when your body is screaming at you to stop.


Just as physical training is important so is mental preparation and training. At TTE we offer a unique sports performance coaching style. Based upon the principles of Acceptance and commitment training and mindfulness. All TTE sports performance coaches are certified HOPE coaches. We will work with you and help you discover your exercise values, goals and aspirations. We will then design a bespoke sports performance program that will help you develop and grow in whatever chosen sport/activity you wish to excel at or master. Whether it’s your first marathon, tough mudder or another OCR, or you simply want to stay fit and healthy. Our sports performance coaches can take your training and performance to the next level. Some of the areas covered by our sports performance coaching are as follows:

How to get in the zone, whenever you need to

How to push past previous limits and plateau

Model strategies from others and improve your own

Create a winning mind

How to cope with pressures and help it improve your performance