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Tactical training is the foundation of any good army and at TTE, we aspire to be a company with exemplary organisational skills that reflect our core values, encouraging innovative and effective leadership skills. We believe effective organisation is what makes a good company stand out from the crowd.

TTE Events

Why Choose Us?

Our experienced team of former British Army, Royal Marines personnel and military inspired instructors have developed many different team building and development days. They will challenge the way you think as a team, your emotional capabilities and ultimately how you perform.

Whether you are looking for a full day, half day or even a challenging overnight package – we have the skills and the passion to fulfil your requirements.

Corporate Packages

All events and team exercises are briefed and debriefed to ensure that clients get the maximum return from them.

  • Communication
  • Fighting talk and execution
  • Round Robin team exercises – navigating the route
  • Navigation exercise/race
  • Survival Skillset

Business Development

We also have a variety of business development sessions that can be added to our packages to help shape your team into the best it can be.

  • Business Coaching
  • Business Change
  • Business Facilitation
  • Transformation
  • Project Management Fundamentals

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